Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Days
Jaycee Kate has started Kindergarten. I thought that I was going to be fine with her going to school, that it would be a break for me, and a pleasure for her. Well half of that is true! She loves school!! I however was affected much more than I thought I would be. After meet the teacher I came home and had a mommy meltdown. The teacher didn't greet her like she was the kid who hung the moon, I didn't have a schedule that detailed her every minute of the day, no one was worried about her eating her lunch or making sure she wasn't too hot running around the track in 100 degree heat. I have never been a hovering mother, but for some reason when I had to turn over my child after five years of being solely responsible for her every minute of the day it was almost like going through withdrawals. Justin had to persuade me not to go and peer through the windows of her class the first two days. I wondered every minute what she's was doing, praying she was being obedient, making good friends and learning all she could. When she came home the first day I thought who is this big girl and where did my little baby go! She explained to me in detail all the fun things they did in class, gym, recess, lunch and music class. She told me how to spell red, sang me fun songs, and told me all the new games she had learned and the new friends names she had met. It was like a whole different child full of fun events that she wanted to share, new information,and interesting things that she told me as if of course I was suppose to know that she knew that. I find myself listening and staring at her as she tells me so matter of fact about all the things she has done so independently. Oh to be a fly on the wall. I am praising God that he gave her just the teacher she needed and the class that is best for her. She is enjoying herself so much and that is the only way I could let her go. The first day I picked her up she ran to me and exclaimed "Mom, I was sooo good, I didn't even have to go to the Principal's office!" I couldn't have been happier. I love you Jaycee Kate, I am so proud of you and the child you have grown into, God couldn't have given me a better child.


  1. I've always heard people say having a baby is a process of letting go and surrendering them to God. You're doing such a wonderful job. I hope I can be half the mother you are to your babies. Keep praying and know that God has her in His arms when you are with her and when you're not. Love you!

  2. That's because she has a great mommy! If she's learning about Jesus first, school will follow.