Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Days
Jaycee Kate has started Kindergarten. I thought that I was going to be fine with her going to school, that it would be a break for me, and a pleasure for her. Well half of that is true! She loves school!! I however was affected much more than I thought I would be. After meet the teacher I came home and had a mommy meltdown. The teacher didn't greet her like she was the kid who hung the moon, I didn't have a schedule that detailed her every minute of the day, no one was worried about her eating her lunch or making sure she wasn't too hot running around the track in 100 degree heat. I have never been a hovering mother, but for some reason when I had to turn over my child after five years of being solely responsible for her every minute of the day it was almost like going through withdrawals. Justin had to persuade me not to go and peer through the windows of her class the first two days. I wondered every minute what she's was doing, praying she was being obedient, making good friends and learning all she could. When she came home the first day I thought who is this big girl and where did my little baby go! She explained to me in detail all the fun things they did in class, gym, recess, lunch and music class. She told me how to spell red, sang me fun songs, and told me all the new games she had learned and the new friends names she had met. It was like a whole different child full of fun events that she wanted to share, new information,and interesting things that she told me as if of course I was suppose to know that she knew that. I find myself listening and staring at her as she tells me so matter of fact about all the things she has done so independently. Oh to be a fly on the wall. I am praising God that he gave her just the teacher she needed and the class that is best for her. She is enjoying herself so much and that is the only way I could let her go. The first day I picked her up she ran to me and exclaimed "Mom, I was sooo good, I didn't even have to go to the Principal's office!" I couldn't have been happier. I love you Jaycee Kate, I am so proud of you and the child you have grown into, God couldn't have given me a better child.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jolie's Birthday

Jolie Grace had her 2nd birthday yesterday on June 21st also Father's day. We had a great time with tons of candy, cake, and cupcake pops! Jolie had such a great time. She went straight for the cupcake pops and wouldn't put them down. She was a chocolaty sticky mess, but the cutest thing ever. We then had cake and ice cream and tried get Jolie to put down the cake and hit the pinata. After some coaxing she took a few whacks at it. Then Jaycee Kate let that pinata have it! After Jaycee Kate cracked it open, Jolie stayed under the pinata picking up candy for a good thirty minutes! We then tried to convince her to put down the 15 suckers and open presents. She was surprisingly good at opening presents and loved everything she got. She played with every toy before the day was over. After all that sugar I was expecting a few melt downs, but all the kids had a great time and acted great too! Jolie was such a sweetie at the end of the day hugging and loving on everyone. I know she was thinking, how come everyday isn't filled with cake, candy, and new toys! Happy Birthday Jolie Grace, your a sweetie!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Little Man

Jackson is growing up. He took his first steps last night. I can't believe how the time has gone. Just in the last few days he has changed so much. He is repeating certain words we say like Mama. Dada, Kitty and my favorite bye bye and he waves his cute little hand! He is a doll! Jaycee Kate is really impressed with him repeating her when she says kitty. He is getting into everything, fireplace tools, toilet, pulling his sisters hair and really becoming the little brother. In a few days I am sure he will be running circles around the girls which he has been dreaming of the past ten months. Don't grow too fast little man, mommy still needs her baby.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

All in a day's time

Jaycee Kate is a super funny kid! She says some of the best one liner's I have even heard. Today she said two funny quotes that I just had to make sure that I wrote down. This morning about an hour after she woke up she said "Boys wear bows in their hair in France. But we are not in France." That's right baby girl we are in TEXAS and there will be no bows on boys here!! Then after a long day she was in the car with her nana and told her that "Bacon makes everybody nice." Then later as she was going to bed she said "I think I might get thirsty in the night" and her Nana said "well I put a cup of water next to the bed." She then asked "Why did you do that?" Nana said "In case you get thirsty" to which she replied "That's a good in case." In the past she has also said things like "Kill joy" under her breath when I ask her to pick up her room, "My face is melting off" when she got in a hot car, "Your angry eyes scare me", when she's getting in trouble and "EWW there's a naked man" as we passed our neighbor with his shirt off and our windows in the car down!!

She also says very inspirational things too. The most recent being after we read about Satan tempting Jesus to turn the rocks into bread while he was fasting she said "I would tell Satan that I am NOT going to make those rocks bread because I am not going to listen to you and I do not want to live with Satan." Amen sister!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

End Of May

Along with the end of spring comes the end of Stepping Stones for Jaycee Kate. This has been a fantastic preschool for her to learn and grow. She has enjoyed it immensely!! She is going to really miss all her friends and especially teacher Sherri. She has been a blessing in our lives and we thank God that he choose the perfect school for Jaycee Kate to get prepared for Kindergarten. She had her end of year celebration, where she excelled in dressing up like a kitty everyday and smiles. She was definitely the most active on the stage, she was dancing and singing her heart out. She had a very interesting job picked out for herself for when she grows up. She wants to be a pet doctor who rides a motorcycle. I couldn't be more proud!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Why I started a blog

The Inspiration

I was driving home the other day after a wonderful Mother's Day tea with my three children. Every one was hot, sweaty or in Jaycee Kate's words, when it's hot outside my head gets wet. Jackson 9 months and Jolie 23 months were needing a nap in the worst way. As I drove Jackson began to doze off. Once he was asleep Jolie reached over, their car seats are side by side, and held his hand. It was so precious! She held his hand until she finally went to sleep as well. They held hands and napped the rest of the way home. It was so sweet to see the sibling love when most of the time your breaking up fights. Jolie was very loving and affectionate to Jackson the first few months after he was born, but lately she has been none to thrilled at having a younger brother who is now mobile. She used to hold his hand in the car all the time when he was a few weeks old especially if he was upset. It was one of the sweetest things to see two people you love, love on each other.

I decided to make a blog page after this incident. I wanted to be able to remember, write down, and share all the wonderful little things that happen in your children's life that too often get forgotten and overlooked. I hope to make share and preserve our precious memories.